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A New Leaf, A New Day by Carey Printer Friendly

Spring has arrived and the trees are blooming,

flowers are blossoming and love is in the air.

Pigeons loom the sidewalks puffy and cooing,

trying to attract a mate in record time.

Gone are the days of cold bunkered down nights huddled by the radiator

and basking by the warm glow of the computer screen.

Heavy alcohols like whiskey and bourbon no longer have a place on the palette.

It's about a lighter more refreshing way of living.

Carcinogenic Black Knights puffed for pleasure have finally taken refuge.

There is no place for shortness of breath and weak muscles in an outdoor world.

It's a new season, and along with shedding extra clothes it's time to shed bad habits.

Hitting the bottom when you don't remember having fallen but feel a new pain on awakening is over.

Too smart to continue this way without realizing the consequences.

Spring is finally here and a new leaf is blooming.

A new day opens with a magnificent sunrise and I am grateful to have witnessed it.


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