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New Computer 2 by Ray Printer Friendly

Back again, on the new computer. A little scared to put any work into anything, as it likes to turn off at random times. Being me, I have no idea how to fix this. But I figured Iíd see about trying a little something at least. (8:12 pm)


Quick update: In the middle of writing Portly Boy 58, the computer decides to suddenly shut off. Piece of shit! Luckily, Iím using Microsoft Word, and the file was recovered. This computer is more than likely going to be lit on fire and thrown in the highway by the end of the night. (9:18 pm)

Another quick update: It didnít auto-recover everything, so some of the genius was lost forever. You might think that since I wrote it once, I could just write it again, but if thatís what you think, you have obviously never written anything that got erased by technology. You write it once, you move on, and your brain forgets most of what you just typedóconvinced that since youíve got it out there into the world, thereís no reason to remember it verbatim. Stupid lousy brain. (9:24 pm)


All right, so itís 12:11 pm now, and Iím back on my trusty laptop. That computer turning off shit is lethal to any kind of writing, Iíve decided, unless the kind of writing is fragmented and terrible.

Anyways so I havenít even been able to get a buzz going, itís late, and Iím hoping to still get something pumped out. Donít worry, kidsóIíll get something posted. I just hope it isnít complete shit. Well, we might as well get started, right?

You take your shot, Iíll take my three, and letís see where the world wants to take us. As long is it keeps us away from self-destructing computers, Iím down with it.


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