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And He Said... by Ray Printer Friendly

Random quotes because I got nothin tonight.

That girl makes me nervous in ways that it makes me shudder to think about.

I think shes cool.

Yeah, well, you make me nervous, too.


Ill drop a hundred pounds of shit on you, boy, and by the time Im finished, youll wish that I had dropped a hundred more.


No, sir, Im not threatening youI wouldnt do that. I mean, that would be crazy to threaten a man of your importance. What, like Im just going to walk up and say something like, I know that your wife goes to the Slinky Kinks hair salon every Friday afternoon at three. I know that your kid goes to Lots o Tots daycare center from Monday through Friday, and I know that you take him to the zoo if hes been a good boy during the week, but you only take him to the park if hes been bad. Its not like Im telling you that I know every move you and your family members make, and its not like Im telling you that I dont mind killing women and children if it gets me what I want. I mean, something like that, that would be a threat. No, man, thats not for me. Im just saying that it would be a good idea for you to give me some moneyfifty-seven thousand dollars, to be exact. No threats, sir. Here is your quarter-pounder, one large fries, and a large Coke. Thank you, have a good day.


Oh, how the fallen cling to methe failed, the hopeless, the ruined. Because I am the only one left. I am the only one to accept these losers at life, I am the only one to help them, save them. And its only because I make them feel better by being worse.


No, manIm scared of chicken.


Youre just jealous because Im a playa.

Youre not a player, you asshole.

But I could be.


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