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Better Than A Buck by Ray Printer Friendly

September. How exciting. It starts with an ess, ends with an are, and thereís nothing but fun in between, right?

Iím glad you could all make it back. Itís not going to get any better, in case youíre wondering. Iíll spend this month bitching about my job, and Iíll throw out maybe one or two stories about some other fat guy bitching about his job. Trey might pitch in a bit, either bitching about his job or talking about politics. There probably wonít be any pictures of naked chicks, which is too bad. I have a camera, though, and fifteen bucks, so weíll see.

My mom used to tell me that females were not sex objects. The thing my mom didnít know (or at least didnít want to tell me), is that everything is a sex object with the right mindset. So youíll either get some great pictures of naked women, or some very disturbing photos of the garbage disposal.

I only have fifteen bucks, though, so donít expect too much, either way.


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