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Angelina Jolie by Trey Printer Friendly

I looked at that huge list of ĎRayís running down the front page of the site and felt guilt. The poor freak is carrying this site all by himself. It canít be easy staying up all night writing. Especially after putting in a full day of work scaring customers and then getting home for an evening covering the walls with another layer of tin-foil to keep out the government rays. And, I know for a fact Ray canít write anything until heís spent at least an hour meditating in a dark room, sobbing quietly to himself and rubbing raw meat into his hair. Frankly, I donít know how he gets any writing done. Must be all the whiskey and hotpockets. I just hope he doesnít burn his place down holding matches to the feet of those little customer shaped voodoo dolls he keeps nailing to everything.

To give the boy a break I figured I post a little something tonight, and it just so happens Iíve got something on my mind.

I've been slacking a lot at work lately, and filling the time reading a lot of news and opinion columns. In between articles about Vat Grown Meat and Urine Based Batteries, I came across this frightening little tidbit.

Joe Reader says, ďBut Trey, I canít read that. Itís like a serious news article. Itís not even about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie??Ē

Never fear, Iíll sum it up for the lazy amongst us.

The article is about a book written by a Jordanian journalist Fouad Hussein, who got buddy buddy with some serious folk in al Qaeda, including their military commander Saif al-Adel. In the book, Fouad (no, I donít know how to pronounce it), describes al Qaedaís 30 year plan (yeah, thatís right, 30 year) to change the face of the modern world. Itís a seven part plan you can read about in the article if you want. The thing is, theyíve already accomplished the first step in spades, and the second step is up for debate.

Joe Reader says, ďYeah, but what does that have to do with Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie? Didnít you mention them earlier?Ē

My point is, we are in a war whether we want to be or not. Despite what some people want to believe, despite what the opinion page of the New York Times says, the war in Iraq is of huge importance. It is not a fight for a country, it is a fight for an idea, for the belief that there can be a decent, modern, democratic, and successful Islamic nation in the mid east. Itís not so much a fight against al Qaeda as a fight against the ideas that drive al Qaeda. Al Qaeda has always been a symptom, not the problem.

What really chaps my ass, what really ties me up knots is, we are losing.

Sure, on the ground our military is cleaning up. Huge progress is being made in Iraq. The country is being rebuilt, the economy is growing by leaps and bounds, the locals are cooperating, and security forces are being trained. In a purely physical sense, we are winning. Hereís a few for you, An apt and funny quote, a whole bunch of good news, virtually the only good war reporting coming out of Iraq. Read it all. Really.

Joe Reader says, ďWell, thatís all interesting, but why are we losing? And I better get some sort of pop star action soon.Ē

We are losing the only way we can. We are losing because of a lack of will. That is what the terrorists are banking on. They know they canít beat us on the ground, they know they canít even really beat us in a war of ideas. They can only beat us if we lose backbone and say itís not worth the trouble.

I know this, we should all know this. And the stakes of this war are deadly high. We are not talking about the loss of Iraq to a bunch of terrorists if we leave. We are talking about the creation of a radical, violent, fundamentalist country dedicated to the eradication of western society.

Joe Reader says, ďWow, you better get one of those tin foil hats from Ray, psycho boy.Ē

I wish. They want us dead. You need to know that. A lot of people in London, New York, and even a couple of people in the Netherlands have already learned this the hard way. We tried to buy them off in the 80's, we tried to ignore them in the 90's, and now itís come to blows. We have no choice, and Iraq is a struggle we cannot afford to lose.

So, I see all the coverage about Cindy Sheehan, who I feel for, but who has obviously gone off her rocker. But what about the 1800 other parents who have lost children? The ones who arenít protesting in Crawford Texas? The ones who believe in what their children were fighting for, or at least respect their childrenís decisions? Where are they?

I read columns like this one and wonder who these people want to win? Donít this fat cat intellectuals realize that this war is deadly serious and we are on the right side? Who are these people who think we are the terrorists? Who are these crazy leftist liberals who call our culture evil while excusing the culture of people who believe itís better to let a woman burn to death rather than risk showing some skin?

I donít understand how people in this country, people who have been blessed with all the benefits and opportunities it offers, can think we are wrong and they are right.

Joe Reader, what Iím saying is, even though we donít have the guts our troops in Iraq have, we canít give up over here.

If we do, we, and the world, has lost.

If you made it this far, thanks for listening.


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