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The showdown by Carey Printer Friendly

"I don't think we should see each other anymore." Words that were spoken out of the blue by the girl who thought she had been in love.

"Whatever do you mean?" The comment made by the boy who had been the object of her desire. The girl paused and thought for a moment about the entire scenario that had been played day after day and night after night. False emotions shown for the benefit of the public and maybe to convince the boy they were still there.

"It's just not the same and I don't think it will ever be," she replied and proceeded to wash the evening meal dishes. "You've lost the feeling, the passion and desire to be with me," she said. "I know you realize what I am talking about and if you weren't so timid you'd have brought it up earlier."

He shrugs and walks off as though she's gone crazy or just doesn't register the exchange that has taken place.

"It's over!" she screams and throws a 50 cent plastic platter she's picked up at the GoodWill store towards his head. "I can't take the pretense and the lies."

With a breathe of hesitation the boy lowers his head and utters a barely audible "THANK GOD."

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