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Time You'll Never Get Back by Ray Printer Friendly

So I had yesterday off. You know what I did? Practically nothing, man. I just sat around, looking at various garbage on the internet, wasting my life away. Aside from that you know what I did? I ate cereal and I took naps. What do you mean, ďWhat else?Ē Thatís it, mang.

I was thinking about cereal a little, what with eating so much of it, and I realized that I canít remember a time when Iíve eaten cereal and gotten full. Like not one time in my entire life have a eaten cereal until I no longer felt hungry. Usually I just get tired of eating, but Iím still hungry. Weird, huh? Maybe not.

Anyways, since I sat around all day and didnít even post anything, I decided that I should at least share with you my time-wasting finds. Thereís a good chance that youíve already seen most of this stuff, since the internet really isnít as big as we would like to think.

Gorilla Mask is basically a link dump. Itís usually updated daily, with everything from pictures to videos to downloads to whatever. He has this thing called the daily plug, which usually leads to sites a lot like his. Once in a while, youíll find something really cool from there.

Another cool link dump is Random Stuff. Itís actually on blogger, but full of cool stuffÖuseful stuff. If youíre into bit torrents at all, this guy can hook you up. Games, cool things to look at, stuff like that. For example, he posted a link to thedamnblog.com where you can find out how to hack elevators to skip floors until you get to the one you want. I donít know if it works or not, but itís pretty cool to think about.

Letís see, what else? From there I found this one which signified a bathroom break, as I almost peed all over the bed when I read it. After that, I rolled back to my music download site to get a couple of song (I got a powerful craving for Easy E, for some strange reason, and while I was there, I decided to get some Bone, Thug N Harmony). Itís pretty wicked because you get pretty much any song you want for only ten cents each. The bad part is, they donít really have any old music. You can get pretty much anything new, though, and you can request anything they donít have.

And donít forget Jay. This siteís mostly just hilarious reading, but if you didnít like that, you probably wouldnít be at The Strangelands, would you? I strongly suggest checking this guy out. Iím not saying that I agree with everything he says, but if you read through his website and donít laugh out loud at least once, you should notify your loved ones, because youíre dead.

Also very hilarious is Homestar Runner. This is a cartoon site, very bizarre, but good wholesome fun. They have a guy on there named The Poop-smith. Come on, you know youíre curious.

That should be enough to have you wasting most of your day, but if you still need more, here are a couple of weird little things I stumbled over that I thought were kind of cool. Iím easily impressed though, so keep that in mind. This zip code thing, and this baby name thing.

All right, kids, thatís it for now. Have fun, and remember, there is no need to ever leave the house. The people outside, they only want to hurt you.


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