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A little nothing by Iris Marigold Printer Friendly

Listening to music about seperation and loneliness

Trying to make decisons based on someone else's lyrics

What is the answer

Anxiety and fear flexing their grubby paws

Hoping for the best and fearing the worst

Am I losing it or is all lost

Insecurities and doubt swirling around

The center is me the periphery is you

Or is the mystery us

An inebriated night of illusions

A swirl of sobriety creating a smoke screen of truth

Is there a light bright enough to penetrate this darkness

Dare to persevere

Will yourself to pick up the shards

Is it worth the effort

When will the pain and doubt end

Must you bleed out and start from scratch

What do I seek and can it be attained

An illusion to yourself

An idea many people aspire to and hold

Is there a perfect or is it always just good enough

Questions continue to reel

Thoughts keep spiraling around like a pinwheel powered by boundless energy

Hard to distinguish the seperate entities that make the whole

Life could be a blur you learn to appreciate and blend into

Squawking about such trivial thoughts

Enough to make you bow in shame

So important you're heart bleeds because the answers allude you

Aspiring to be part of a whole

Wondering if the whole is really a half or even a quarter

The right of an imperfect whole

The key to the almighty lock that opens nirvana

Is this really important or just another fantasy

Decide and take your leap

Curiosity killed the cat

Stagnation will fester and rot away the core of what you thought you were


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