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Homeless Words by Ray Printer Friendly

Floss Ďtill you bleed,

Make sure thereís


To make you feel uncomfortable.


Root out

All evil,

Weíll purge



Hand in hand,

We can be accepted,

And ignore that smell

Of individuality.


With a long enough rope,

I can hang the world.

Laughing all the way,



Dropping flashlights

In the rain,

Smoking cigarettes

In the ocean:

Watch me do a back-flip


Ride my bike with

No hands.


Licking the thin ice

And spitting into The Great Divide,

Iíll never wear your


No matter how long

I sink.


Growling at

The elderly,

Barking at

The young,

Sipping poison Kool-Aid

With a twisted grin

And a harmonica

Full of



I once counted the steps to the moon, and it was just one too many.

I scream and I laugh while Iím asleep, and when I wake up in the morning with a bloody throat, Iím never sure which one is the cause. My brain is potted meat, with all of the nastiness, but with twice the regular flavor. On sale now at your local grocerís. Get it while it lasts!


My Chinese tattoo that I always thought spelled ďSerenityĒ actually reads, ďSmall penis and anger.Ē I donít know if itís irony or just appropriate, but I notice people laughing at me a lot. The next person that asks me if I like bowling, I plan on stabbing with a pen.


Snorting religion by the book-full and running with scissors, where does it end? There arenít any gnomes living in my shoes, but if there were, would I have better stories to tell?


One thing I really like is nonsense. Random words spilling out of my brain, and I donít care if it ever makes sense to another living soul. Nothing left but an empty paper bag that a bum throws down into a gutter filled with piss and old hope. And yet the stars still shine down on us, and the sun still wakes up every morning to see what weíre up to.

Itís a strange world.


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