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Stop the negativity by Carey Printer Friendly

I have been extremely busy with work the past few weeks and consequently have not had time to post anything on this site in a while. But, after reading Weeks' last post I feel compelled to shed a more positive light on the people who inhabit this planet.

A few weeks ago I took Zoe to the Sculpture Park in Queens and had an amazing day soaking up some sun and chatting with some other folks and watching the dogs revel in their leash-free existence. It wasn't until that night when I was home that I realized I lost my wallet and figured it had fallen out of my pocketbook I had laying on the ground in the park. In usual fashion, I freaked out a little bit when I realized that everything of value was in it including two paychecks, credit cards, metro card, etc. I immediately cancelled the credit cards and called the subway folks to say my stuff was lost and to check and see if I could be credited for the balance of my unlimited monthly metro card (which I had just purchased the week before). The MTA (NYC Mass Transit Authority) folks credited me for the balance and that card was deactivated the next day. I called the park later the next morning to inquire if anyone had turned in my wallet and was told "no, but we will keep our eyes open for it." A few days passed and I received a bulky envelope in the mail with a bogus return address on it. Enclosed was my wallet with my credit cards, my license and paychecks, some change and all the necessary paraphanalia one has that can be a pain in the butt to replace if lost. The only thing missing was the subway card and maybe a few dollars I had in it. Whoever picked up the wallet decided the metro card was the only thing worth taking and ditched the rest. If that same person decided to mail it back to me or someone else who found it afterwards did all I can say is "Thank You."

I think that deed proves that there is still hope that most people are decent and nice. In a city like NY an experience like that can make even the most cynnical person smile.


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