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Not Much by Ray Printer Friendly

Hey Crew,

I posted some new pictures tonight, pretty amazing stuff. Oh, wait, no itís notóI was thinking of something else. Itís pretty random, though. I have more that I need to add at some point, but they need some pretty heavy editing (why is it that I can never take a picture without at least part of my genitalia showing? Oh, well, I guess thatís what Photoshop was made for, right?), and I didnít feel like doing that kind of thing tonight.

My princess has a job interview tomorrow, so we had to go clothes shopping tonight, which isnít nearly as bad as they make it out to be in sitcoms and jokes. In fact, it got me out of exercising, so Iím not complaining at all. Mostly, I just lurked around, waiting for her to come out of the fitting rooms, and scaring innocent passer-bys with my angry looks and loud barking. Iím really not good at social interaction.

As far as I know, nothing else is really going on in my life. That doesnít mean that thereís nothing exciting and adventurous going on, thoughóIím pretty sure I have a secret double life thatís so mysterious even I donít know about it. Okay, maybe not. Maybe I just want to be exciting so that youíll like me and want to be my friend.

I mean, why else would I ignore the greatest girlfriend in the universe, night after night, just to sit in front of a computer that spends most of itís time mocking me with empty white screen?

You know what? Youíre on your own tonight, boys and girls. Iím stupid, but Iím not that stupid.


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