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Screaming Dinosaurs by Ray Printer Friendly

The needle’s in the red tonight, and I can feel my brain stripping gears and spitting oil. What a day, what a day. Things are definitely breaking down in my think-center, and I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t been sleeping well or because it’s just time for my mind to show me who’s boss once again.

Convinced that the guy at McDonalds put diesel in my cheeseburger, I can’t see straight, and the idea of thinking straight is ludicrous. It’s been a long life, and I wonder if I’ve reached the point where I’m going to have to start paying the consequences…with interest.


“Tell me about Fate, daddy.”

“Well, son, Fate is the horny beast with a about two million penises, and has a penchant for anal sex, prison-style.”


“Don’t you mind, little buddy, just keep digging…dead bodies don’t bury themselves, you know.”


Pistol-grip slippage at precisely the wrong moment, and the world is stuck with yet another jackass that didn’t get mugged on one rainy night. He won’t ever escalate world peace, he won’t be a great man. He’ll be another bitch running around crying about how things aren’t going his way.


I only have madness to spew tonight, and I don’t feel it’s justified, so I’m going to go. Before I do, though, I just want to mention that my face looks a little too square in the mirror tonight, and you can’t ignore the screams outside the window forever.


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