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Links work again by Trey Printer Friendly

Generally I prefer busting things.

Beer bottles, furniture, family heirlooms, my ass.

But, sometimes I feel like fixing something.

For those of you in the know, we used to be able to post links in our stories. Something like this.

Unfortunately, when our webhost upgraded the servers, it all busted. I put a temporary workaround in awhile back. The site stopped breaking and we could all post again, but links were impossible to put into stories.

Well, I felt motivated tonight and fixed it. At least for stories. Those of you who wanna post links in your gallery descriptions, author descriptions, etc... well, you're shit out of luck.

So, to add a link to the story you need to do the following (standard html goodness)

Say you want to link the words "Chumps like me" to the website www.hotornot.com

all you gotta do is type the following in your story:

This is a stupid freakin site for <a href="http://www.hotornot.com">Chumps like me</a>

The important stuff is in bold.

Easy nuff fer ya?

Also, for those of you who never noticed there's a "HINTS" link on the bottom of the story submissions page. You can click on it to see info on how to format your stories if you want to. It's all standard html coding. You too can be a slick web programmer.


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