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by Ernst Coobellow Printer Friendly

I tucked the hair behind my ears to give them something to lay back on.

I was waiting for the go-ahead from just one true lover.

Of course, I had to back-drain my inconsequential wants and apply

a salve of back door ifs to the sorry, scabbed, sort my heart was in.

Ain't you ever made an excuse before? It helps to coast along the dregs...

I hit a bump on the road patump kotommmmp....

Anyways I's a bit more steady than a one bump man.... might take three or four more heart breaks to divorce me from life.

But I could believe bigger than than a whole mess a catfish.... could catch your mouse and hold it over a fire- cook it real good, flesh just ready to eat.

"maneater, tough customer"

Ma'am I beg for your inattention. I just want to beg for your indulgence. I want you to indulge my


my related, uncled godliness that i blame on everyone else

my sour, bleating, reverend sirmans,

my loves, when my love over flows like politishun blessings and promisings, but needs no promise of truths or soothes

my blues that been stoled from the hardest whipped blacks even though i could deserve all their whips and harmonicas when they did nothing but blink bushy eyelids and show big whites of eyes to someone who had an unforgivable ache.

my halleluiahs, and yours, that have spilled from the lips of the ungainly human flock.

The soured servants will keep to beg their right to express thier heartened wails.

They'll wail in the back streets, in the back pastures, the back rooms where the bosses and the work of heart don't go so's to say shush it up and go home, sleep it off, yokel on someone's else's dime, leave off the alone, and spend your misery on a brand new store bought fake that don't have moth balls and is just waitin for tomorrow and a shiny sign or somethin better............................................................................... It'll come my loves. Just when you give up; it'll come.


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