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Live and Learn by Carey Printer Friendly

If you thought this was going to be another one of those whiny rants about how I've been done wrong or how the universe is out to get me then you are CORRECT.

Why is it that just when you think you know someone or you begin to feel like they are reliable they let you down?

Whether it be parties with no shows or obligations not met, I seem to be attracted to those sort of people.

My newest tale surrounds the no show of my dogsitter for this holiday weekend.

I thought I was smart by planning ahead and making arrangements with a friend of mine to sit for my dog while I went away for a Birthday trip that was planned by my beau. But, it hasn't worked out that way. My dog sitter is MIA and I have no idea whether he changed his mind or worse, is deathly ill somewhere and has no way to reach me. Although I opt for the first it would make me feel slightly better about my judgement in character for it to be the latter option.

So here it is, the night before the trip and I'm now scrambling with last minute arrangements to take her with me (much to the chagrin of my beau).

Too late to board her ("You're looking to board her tonight on one of the busiest holidays?" utters the voice on the phone) and too few friends to prey on their guilt. Instead, it's off to the Windy City with a frisky puppy and a disgruntled boyfriend.

Perhaps I take the dog owner thing a bit too far, but I honestly could not call up people I barely speak to on a semi-regular basis or even see for that matter and ask them to sit for her. My other options were to have a friend who is terrified of even being within sitting distance of her look after her or another who would check in periodically over the course of 3 days to make sure she was OK.

Now the last option was fine when I had Mr. Goose. He was very self-reliant and could have given a damn if I left the country as long as there was a full dish of food and water in the toilet. But, Zoey would not fare so well with the occassional look see. I would either come home to an unrecognizable apartment torn up by a bored pup or a lifeless form whose mouth would still be attached to some elctrical cord. Maybe I am being extreme but I don't think I could enjoy my time away worrying about those possibilites.

So besides a boring rant, I've become enlightened about expecting too much from your friends. When it comes to dog sitting, I am better off seeking the services of a professional or my family. So, if you're among the peeps I consider to be family consider yourself forewarned :)

Have a terrific Memorial Weekend dear readers!


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