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anarchy in bedrock by walt valentine Printer Friendly

well, ill tell you

but only cuz i like you

errico malatesta

an i-talian

he was extremely intelligent

but instead of too much book learning

he decided it was important to be useful to others more practically

especially in the revolutionary scene

so he began to learn mechanics and electronics on his own

arrested and escaped several times from several countries

sent to a prison on an island in mediteranean

escaped by small boat during a storm

and such

been reading a book called seven great thinkers of anarchism

names like godwin, proudhon, tolstoi

thats right tolstoi - although he defines anarchy as violent means to overthrow

his is a christian anarchy - give unto caesar that which is caesar's

it sure as hell aint mine!

reject the state, reject the law, reject property (ownership of the means of

production by ones who do no work; & the evil called rent that we all feel in

our gut)

all because of one line - resist not evil (especially not with force)

thus he concludes that the state is an idol that men worship falsely

that a society, government, church, neighbor who claims to be a christian

yet blindly supports war, capitol punishment, and suppressive violence

are only creating more criminals, more violence, and the enslavement of

themselves and their people in an exploitative fog and murderous hypnosis.

and like other wise men who look to anarchism as a free and equal existence

he says change comes about not by violence or revolution in the sense that

most recognize, but by strong and sincere men, even lone men, standing up

and simply speaking their mind when they recognize something to be wrong...

he gives the story of a rich man who travels to a village in russia where the

peasants are rumoured to be lazy and unproductive. this man is very large

and overbearing, and he says he will change all these lazy peasants in one

day by himself. So he goes there, gathers all the peasants together with him

in a big barn and begins to berate and rail at them verbally until they are

cowering, scared and confused by what he could have done to them. He then

tells them to pick up various tools and axe handles around the barn, and tells

them to begin beating each other. And they begin beating each other out of

their fear of him. And as they begin to hit each other, one man refuses. The

downpresser man gets in his face and yells and screams, yet the lone man

simply will not comply. The rebel then says to his fellows that this is not right,

that we shouldn't be beating each other. Very simply he refuses, very simply

he speaks his mind. The others then stop, axe handles in hand (common

sense coming to light), and now turn - numbers of armed men facing a lone

oppressor. Needless to say the rich man takes to his heels, but the point is

the power of one man who is not afraid.

Karate Gandhi comes to mind.

I believe in change through nonviolence, nonresistance, and random acts of

communication especially between strangers...

ciao for now comrades


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