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From the Admin by Trey Printer Friendly

So, after a year of the strangelands I actually got around to looking at the site statistics for the last month.

I thought some of you might be interested.

Here's the highlights for the month of May through the 23rd:

Total Hits 7160 (go figure, someone's reading this stuff)

Hits per Hour (avg)12 (max)354

Hits per Day (avg)298 (max)662

Our Busiest Day was may 21st (the 662 hits above)

Visitors have

read 1160 stories

viewed 744 pages of thumbnails

taken a peek in 144 albums

went through the trouble of looking at 138 full size pictures

Traffic peaks at 10pm but stays pretty steady till about 4am. Insomniacs like us...

30 people have read the "About Us"

7 disappointed people have read about me.

The stories pretty much tied for most requests are:







You can view them easily by opening up any story and pasting in the story number after the 'storyIndex='

Rays photo album is getting the most action.

Total number of emails telling us how great we are, 0.

Total number of emails telling us how much we suck, 1. Thanks Vernon!

Odds of any strangelands author having a political career after posting all of these drunken rants, 0.

Them's the facts, Jack...


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