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The Past With a Wicked Grin by Ray Printer Friendly

Oh, man. Memories crashing like unwarranted hiccups, like thoughts lost, like hearts broken. I’ve got something like a billion thoughts tumbling down on me right now, but my fingers won’t move fast enough for me to tell you all about them.

A few names of a few friends: Rik (always first, no matter how long the years last), Claire—a lost smell in a world of vision, BJ; everything will be all right if you let it, man. CJ—you still have the chance to be the coolest person ever.

These are the people that pass through my mind at random intervals. I’m not saying they are less important or more important, but these are the people on my mind tonight.

The greatest thing about lost souls is that they can be found. The greatest thing about found souls is that they can flourish.

I wish that life could have been different for all of us…different but the same. What is character? Is it pain that has been remodeled, I wonder? Is it life-sickness that can never be cured? What?

I don’t know the answers, and I don’t care to discover them. Not tonight. Tonight, I want to wander into the shadows of the past, I want to smile and frown and ignore the tears, and I want to think about the past.

When you do something like delve into the past, you don’t get a chance to come up for air, so I guess this is good night for tonight, my little homies.


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