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What do I do? by Alicia Young One Printer Friendly

Why is it that things sometimes don't go as planned? Why don't things always work out?

Despite my age I do know a little about life. I have found that sometimes no matter how hard you try, things just don't work out the way we would like them to. Although we do not like it, it WILL make us stronger or make us realize what could have been different.

I have found that no matter what goes wrong or doesn't go they way I would like, I must accept it for what it is for my own personal growth. Only when you ponder on the bad things does it hurt you. When you accept the bad and find the good within will you be stronger.

Throughout life we experience pain. Physicaly, mentaly, and emotionaly, but the only way to get through the pain is to be say to yourself "I am GOING to overcome this not matter what". As we experience these things we get stronger every time.

There are some people in my life particularly that are having a rough time. I hope that they can read this and hopefully get something out of it. I'm not saying "I know all" or "I am better", because I'm not, I am simply saying "IT WILL GET BETTER".

Entered By peter From London. UK
2009-07-04 10:22:29

You learn more from making mistakes because you never forget them so always look at a mistake or something that has gone wrong as a good lesson learned.

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