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The Battlefield by STRANGE GIRL Printer Friendly

THe Battlefield.....

In the famous words of Pat Benetar....


For those of you that are 80's SURVIVORS...you know exactly what Im talking about.

THat is what I call PAin Music......You know that cassette tape that you hid in your closet only to be taken out by the betrayal of your boyfriend/girlfriend. Whatever the case was. We all had them.

Nowadays we have MP3 pain lists. From 8 tracks to MP3's. And all the heartbrakes in between.

As times change so do people.....A reality I am finding hard to digest.

Anyway in my car is where I choose my pain music..

AS you guessed it Patty it is. GOOD 'Ole faithful; Some things in my life are JUST that, GOOD and FAITHFUL, others are not.

As much as I enjoy the lyrics and the drums and guiters that accompany it, I do not enjoy the REASONS why I listen to it. I guess I can sum it up this way..

Whatever happened to "FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE"??????????

when we said "we belong" were they just "promises in the dark?"

when we said "we live for love" , were we"invincible"?....

those were just "shadows of the night".....In my "painted desert"

Ive been through the "fire and ice".......

So go ahead "heartbreaker" "hit me with your best shot".

Im still gonna listen to My "outlaw blues"......


There U go kids..some corny 80's music..NOw dont U just wanna throw in PAt Benetar's Greatest Hits and eat some swedish fish while peeling the Stickers off that RUBIX CUBE..


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