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Well, here we are. Itís just you and I, and the occasional shadow. The dog downstairs is barking like mad, he always goes insane whenever the curtain is shut. He canít see out, but he can hear the noises, and I guess he feels like he needs to bark at those noises. Heíll go on like that for hours, until youíre seriously considering going downstairs and chunking a big rock through the window so the stupid dog will shut up. You canít turn up your music loud enough, because thereís always that undertone of barking dog, like some mismatched bass beatóitís bad for your brain to have that kind of nonsense going on around you.

Some drunk guy in the parking lot, yelling things like, ďWhoo hooo!Ē Another good place to throw a big rock. People are too polite to tell him to shut up. You try that crap in NYC, youíll have at least three people leaning out their windows, yelling at you to shut the hell up, theyíre trying to sleep here. And probably two more who ask if they can come over.

That dog is driving me nuts.

Iíve posted some more pictures, you can go look at those, if you feel like it. My princess and I went on a little hikeóI saw two snakes, and I didnít even scream like a little girl. And I saw a lizard. Few birds. Lots of dogs.

Someone just leaned over the balcony and yelled at the dog to shut up. That helped. Heís going apeshit now, like being told to shut up freaks him out more than the sound of a car driving through the parking lot. This is madness, it really is.

Iím getting my whiskey. Iíll talk to yaíll later.

Entered By Anonymous From Unknown
2007-01-18 12:10:14

hello my dear friend medved623

Entered By Ray From Austin
2008-02-02 03:18:02

You aren\'t my friend, medved623. You\'re a mermaid-killing ass-sucker.

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