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3 a.m. Saturday by Trey Printer Friendly

Let's talk now, you and me.

Lean closer.

In vino veritas, and veritas I have.

What do you want, oh strangelands reader?

A raise? A promotion? A pat on the back for a job well done?

Let me talk to you for a minute... a second of honesty so rarely seen...

We are all born with a job, a mission we howl for from that first screaming swat on the ass to that last struggling gurgle on our death bed.

That mission, so hard to find, so much harder to accomplish.

We seek ourselves.

Oh, that's easy. I exist therefore I am myself.




Acceptance of ourselves is the hardest row to hoe.

We scream, "I am here! See me!".

A child's cry in the night.

No, to fully see ourselves in the harshlight of knowledge...

That moment when, "I would never...", "not me...", "never here...", becomes, "If not but for the grace of god...", "I'm glad I dodged that bullet...", "that poor fellow...".

The realization that we are all, only human, is hard.

The understanding that we are only human, plagued by oh so human thoughts, feelings, failings... that comes next.

To truly forgive yourself for you failings while still striving to do better... that is the hardest of all.

With pain comes clarity, with knowlege comes understanding, with wisdome comes forgiveness...

Let go of that which your parents/friends/society wants you to become. Be yourself! Scream your barbaric "whalp" from the hightest mountain you can find.

See your failures and forgive them, for we are all only human, and at root, we are all only ourselves. Insecure, frightened insects, worry forever about what the next man thinks...

Ah! But the next man is only human as well.

Ignore him and be true.

It is the hardest thing to do, but the only thing you really can do...


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