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repression is depression by walt valentine Printer Friendly

One last hoorah and realize...

every beer makes me taller

puff of grass and grow smaller

while big clouds of grey whisper dawn.

The light of life lay hidden roaming the jungles

of streets barren twice.

A love will whisper in the alleyways at dusk.

A small mouse will draw forth insect footprints

and whisker relish deep space...

And this, all of this spreads through the darkness

like a working girl, waitress-like, a tray of burning candles.

She´s smooth control and flicker light.

She´s dripping wax in my eyes and lovesongs in my ears.

Until night, dark thick night comes cooing, calling more peaceful

than the dove hung wreaths around a jagged moon above.

And with calm deliberation she asks... What do you remember?


I recall a fall-

A layer of self-consciousness dropped accidentally because of the way

a smile stopped my heartbeat.

I look back at the track of twitterpation

and trim timing where we met-

Surrounded by stars, singing in stirrups, and galloping cross

the long plain of youth oblivion.

The moon imbedded so deeply, a fish-hook in yr tender green

fishmouth eye.

I couldnt look away, couldnt dream, couldnt breath till sunrise.

And all the while caught in clouds,

lazy stars twinkle mischief and sexings into milkwhite flesh.

This i resemble in the back of me mind-

A swift cutlass skewering all thought, taste, and rhyme.

Then i remember alone.


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