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Relocation? by Carey Printer Friendly

I will begin this rant by disclosing the fact that I started this a few web pages back and somehow it crashed on me and made me start from the beginning again. A warning, perhaps? Or maybe a really drunken error on the part of yours truly? Anywho, as I was typing earlier in a previous but similar page the discussion of relocating from the big bad city of NYC to the more kinder gentler prospects of Austin with yours truly and the number one man in my life (and your favorite admin. Mr Kerrigan). Yes kids, it's on the table and we are considering moving to Austin in the winter of 2005.

I am not sure exactly how this discussion became so serious but I do remember the context in which in was brought up. Me in a somewhat drunken state declaring for all those present at my BDay dinner that I was planning on leaving NYC by the close of this year and feeling that NYC has lost it's charm and the time has come to move on and Austin was the place to roost.

What exactly triggered this sentiment in me I can't honestly say, but at the time it felt right and I whole-heartedly felt this was the most honest and heartfelt gut feeling I have verbalized in quite some time. Of course, after much discussion and prodding from many die hard New Yorkers I was pressed about why I would possibly consider leaving and why Austin seemed to be the destination of choice.

I guess I have realized that the sheen of the Big Apple has somehow dulled along the way. After living her for almost seven years I have realized that I no longer wake up to the feeling that I can be whatever I set my mind out to be or achieve the far reaching goals I once set for myself in this Northeast corridor of the globe. Don't get me wrong, I still have all those dreams bubbling and praying to come to the surface of my day to day existence, but I have come to the realization that I don't need to be in NYC to achieve them. In fact, I think that those dreams may be best served and nourished properly in an environment served outside the cynnical and more affordable envirnoment in which I currently reside.

Sure, NYC has an energy most cities are unable to duplicate even on a good day but perhaps it offers the energy I no longer seek. I would like to reside in a more affordable and comfortable environment that fosters the ideal of living comfortably and having more then leaky windows and few square footage of residing space which I don't own to show for it. I am tired of paying for the "priviledge" of living in such of a city that I don't take full advantage of (and I speak about the summertime, because that's when most of the cool free stuff takes place) all the artsie fartsie stuff that modest income New Yorkers revel in. I would like to have a piece of nature in my own back yard that doesn't require me to sell one of my vital organs to obtain.

I feel that NYC has definitley provided me with the cahoonas (I am sure I spelled that incorrectly) I need to pave my way to a brighter more fulfilling future and the intelligence to recognize that it is not going to happpen in this city I call currently call Home.

My biggest fear is the HEAT. And yes, the capitol letters are there for a reason. I realize that if you're going to live in the South you better have some coping mechanisms to deal with it. But, even now as I type in 50 plus degree weather, I realize that is something that you can get used to.

So, in summation of an apparently drunken blog, I am looking forward to another phase of my existence and at this time Austin looks like the right place to be in right now :)


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