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When did I become a peace activist? by Emily Kattan Printer Friendly

I was at the Dallas Peace Center yesterday discussing a possible showing of my photography when all of a sudden the director asks me ďAs a peace activist what are your views?Ē

Is it just automatic that just because Iím Palestinian and I had an opportunity to go to Bethlehem and photograph that now it means Iím a peace activist!?!?!

I donít understand! I have no objection about it but I have never thought of myself as a peace activist. I never did anything peaceful nor did I ever contribute to peacefulness. Iím just a spectator of the world and I keep to myself.

So I answered some crap about how there is still hope and blah, blah, blahÖ.and they were eating it all up especially the parts where I was telling them some daily routine experiences I had of everyday life there. I also threw in there a little sappy part about when I was there 20 years ago and how my view of the city got crushed seeing it now.

After a while talking to them I came to the conclusion that these people are high and slightly crazy. I am not high nor am I slightly crazy, well maybe just a little!


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