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How Young Are Ya? by Carey Printer Friendly

The eve of another year of life. "How old are ya", someone asks? "No", I correct them..."How young are you is the proper question." I begin to wonder if people would answer that question more honestly if posed in such a manner.

"A year older to develop a new wrinkle and a year wiser not to care" could be a possible response. Or maybe, "Do you think you can handle the truth" could be another.

Unfortunately we get sucked into the monopoly of youth that seems to have taken over today's society and many of us will skillfully turn the conversation down another path and perhaps shoot an offending look at the interogator.

Where did the days of celebrating one's experience and years of wisdom go? When did women get the silly idea that getting older is something to hide from and that mourning our days of youth and the insecurity that comes with it is so fashionable?

It isn't fair to generalize and lump all women in this category, but unfortunately it seems to be the trend. I witnessed some of the most intelligent, beautiful and well accomplished woman refuse to answer that simple question. Worse, is hearing some of those same woman taking the road of deception and actually lying about it.

I remember, when I was a kid, my mother telling everyone that she was celebrating her "29" birthday for years. She was so convincing that I actually started to believe it. Only later, when I had a firm grasp on math I realized that her story was humanely impossible.

"Stop the madness woman of America!" Let's acquire a healthier attitude and begin to celebrate the years of experience and knowledge we have gained. In the words of Ruth Adam, "When I was young I was frightened I would bore people, now I'm old and I am frightened they will bore me."

Here's to another year of learning and living to the fullest. I hope this year will be as rich and fulfilling as the past 33 have been.


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