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J.F.K.H by walt valentine Printer Friendly


jackass dreams bellow the loudest

and we wake with drooling lips and bleeding eyes

heads torn asunder from hangover dilemnas

to read in the front page that perhaps it will be easier

in the near future to have help commiting suicide

so some coffee (any brand but starbucks or cameron)

and off to the shitty philly streets to begin psuedowork

with psuedoambition and careless attention

cars and people

sometimes viewed with great longing and heartache

sometimes with violent retches and nausea

as they pass

as they all pass

and indeed

i may cough a little bit after i smoke too much dope

afterall it has been a while since the hookah hit me

so don't blame me for the germs i smear upon yr unholy soul

the white lies i smear upon yr glandular thoughts and dreams

i care very little for yr SUVs and suburbia dementias

in fact

now i will sit back

perhaps scratch my stubbly chin

roll and a cigarette

light up

and run my right hand through my thinning hair

looking close at the crowds and scare

but never despair

never never despair

the marks on the eyes are lies

the faces in dreams are schemes

i killed henry sometime springtime Big Sur

and i am the happiest man alive


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