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Homeless Dot Com by Ray Printer Friendly

All right, here’s the question: Is it wrong to use the desperation of others to further the popularity of The Strangelands?

I was sitting outside smoking and looking for bats (none out tonight, I don’t know why), and I started thinking about the people that beg for money here in Austin. They stand on the side of the road, and when you’re stuck in traffic, they wander by with signs that say stuff like, “Homeless with 3 CHILDREN, PLEASE HELP,” and “fallen on hard times. If you can’t give money, give a prayer,” and “Lost my job,” and “homeless with 2 CHILDREN, PLEASE HELP.”

So what I was thinking was, what if I printed up a big batch of cards that said something like, “Thank you for your help” on one side, and “www.thestrangelands.com” on the other. And then I give the homeless guy five bucks or whatever, and hand him a handful of the cards, maybe ask him to hand those out to everybody that gives him money. Or maybe just make some cards that pimp the site, and give the guy ten bucks to hand them out. I guess we’d need a counter on the website, though—otherwise he might just toss the cards into the gutter.

My question is, would that be wrong? Post your answers, if you feel like it, or just e-mail me your answers at dumgrinner@yahoo.com Because, frankly, I’m just wondering if it makes me a bad person to capitalize on the misfortune of others. At first, I figured, “Yeah, it does—easy answer.” But then I started thinking, “Heck, man, they’re standing around there all day, anyways—someone should get some good out of it.”

Whatever. I’m going to bed now.

Entered By Allan Underwood From 204 Broad St
2007-01-18 08:40:55

Google is the best search engine

Entered By Ray From Austin
2008-02-02 03:14:55

Eat a dick, Allan Underwood. We all know you killed Elvis.

Entered By Anonymous From Unknown
2009-12-09 18:00:53

Did you end up trying this? 'Cuz I think it's a good idea. Strange, unique...and if you're giving the people money along with the cards, why not? And bums handing a "Thank you" to the folks who give them money are probably gonna get MORE money. Classy bums are hard to find.

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