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Put Off All Your Grief Young Man by JFK Harris Printer Friendly

Once, in the garden, where we’d play

Hide and seek, desperately seeking each others’

To die for beings, your long soaking moan

Of never losing, nor losing to a lost young boy like me

Who gave it all away, your body too

To a science I now know you never knew

Would be the end of our souls searching

Our feuds veering, closing in like a rearview

Mirror reversing the effect of posing still, nearer

To our self made images of heart to heart

Dears, in love, like lancelot and guinevere in

The director’s cut of a really cheesy satire

Written in the style of Shakespeare,

Both of us now, suddenly queer to the thought

Of touching, fearing our once unrivaled statute:

That all dreams play out in gardens,

And dissipate less reluctantly, come year to year.


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