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Moments by Ray Printer Friendly

There's a lot we could talk about, you and I. We could discuss the years that have passed, the adventures we've shared, and the hearts we've broken.

But that would get uncomfortable quickly. We are not those people anymore; we are not who we once were, and we never will be again. We're strangers now, both to each other and to ourselves, and time has changed our hearts and our minds.

So instead of looking back, let's look forward. We don't need to make plans, and we don't have to focus on hopes and dreams.

We can just sit, you and I, in this moment. And we can promise to make the most out of the moments that are still to come. It's a promise we will break, both to each other and to ourselves.

But that's fine, because it's a promise we are allowed to break.

This moment is a sparkling star in the clear night sky, and if we look for it tomorrow, it will be gone. But there will be more.

Some we will appreciate, some we will overlook, some we will love, and some we will hate.

They are there, waiting for us. And although we will not experience them together, I hope your moments enrich your life.

I hope you do your best to understand them, and even if you can't, I hope you do your best to treasure them, as well.

Posted under The Rants on 12/31/16

Entered By Rocky From Mountains
2017-02-11 19:01:34

I totally hate your unnecessary optimism but do love your literary excellence.

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