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No Longer October by Ray Printer Friendly

In case you weren't around last month, you...actually didn't miss anything at all. I managed to sneak in a boring-ass explanation post just before the month came to an end, and that was the only thing I got written last month.

This month is going to be different, both because I can once again sit at my desk (back problems have kept me from spending any time in my home office for the last couple months), and because it's November. Which means National Novel Writing Month.

This one promises to be a bit different than the previous years. On one hand, I have an actual office this time around, which means I can come in and close the door and listen to music and just generally not be distracted.

On the other hand, I have a new baby, which means that sometimes when I close that door to my office, there will be a tiny little human in here with me. Natalie has promised to watch him more than usual so that I can sneak in and get some writing done, but even so, it's difficult for me to stay confined to my room when I hear him out in the living room laughing and playing.

I plan on documenting the novel-writing experience this year (which I've attempted previously, but always throw in the towel, because the posts are boring as hell, and a waste of time for everyone involved). I think it will be worth writing about this year, if only to document how the writing process changes with a newborn.

As far as other posting this month, I'm sure it will be sparse--I have a difficult enough time cranking out anything worth reading these days, and I'm sure trying to produce a novel won't do anything to help. We're having Thanksgiving at my house this year, though, so I'm sure I'll write about that (I learned how to make pies from scratch this year, so if you think that won't be a super exciting read, you are sadly mistaken!).

I'll be around this month, though, be it in posts about food or writing or babies, or whatever. Hopefully, I'll make it interesting enough that you'll be around, too.

Thanks for stopping by, Strangelanders.

Posted under The News on 11/1/15

Entered By your real mom From Unknown
2015-11-02 03:12:51

Really? Are we coming to your house for Thanksgiving? Yippee!

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