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It's Still October, Right? by Ray Printer Friendly

October has been straight-up bare around here. I have reasons for this. About 6 or 7 weeks ago, I jacked my back up pretty bad. I seriously messed it up several years ago, and it flares up every once in awhile, usually for a few days, or a week, at most.

This time, it didn't get better. In fact, with each passing day, it was getting worse. There were several days where the only thing I ate were pain pills (no real food because it seemed like that mellowed the pills enough so the pain could burn through); I tried exercises, but nothing helped. I couldn't pick up my kid, and I could barely play with him, before the pain forced me to bed.

I was worried that I'd have to deal with surgery, but before I did, I decided to give a chiropractor another go. I went to one years ago, when I originally wrecked my back, but it didn't help. The last time I went, my regular chiropractor was gone, so someone filled in for him; the fill-in guy twisted me different and paralyzed my leg for a few hours. After that, I was pretty much done with chiropractors.

The medical doctors that I've visited since then have always been blatantly disbelieving of chiropractic medicine, so I've never considered trying again.

Until recently. It was a day without pain pills (I burned through the last prescription pretty fast, and didn't want to beg my doctor for more), and those days feel like they last forever. It got to be too much, and I finally conceded. My family had been urging me to try a certain area chiropractor, and I decided that I might as well try him, since the other option is a hard and costly surgery.

My sister had an appointment with her guy, and while she was there, she scheduled one for me.

Full disclosure: that was a Monday, and my appointment was for Friday; by the time Friday rolled around, I was actually feeling slightly better. I almost canceled the appointment, but decided to go through with it.

I've gone several times, now, and my back has gotten noticeably better. I don't know if it's because of the chiropractor, honestly, but I keep going back. He's a super nice guy, and the 40-minute drive gives me time to think about story ideas, and it does seem to be helping.

This is the first time in weeks I've sat down to write--by the time I get home at the end of the day, I'm usually pretty beat, and sitting at a desk some more is the last thing my back can handle. It still hurts, but November (National Novel Writing Month) is coming up, and I need to get some practice in before October ends.

So, yeah. I realize it's not very exciting, but I'm just sort of impressed I've managed to remember how to type.

Posted under The News on 10/28/15


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