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death head by walt valentine Printer Friendly

calm sweeping lice crawl down from the children

infecting and reflecting me with modern day malcontent

awake in my dreams i live with a golden heart

who sleeps in my bed and kisses my cock with lascivious tongue

i think to myself sometimes

and i wish only to be alone

again this fever

this horrid inertia that sweeps down

carrying me along like some vapid husk

whisped away in a plague of locust

the song in my heart is an ache

and lost loves like zombies rise up from graves

how much of all this is delusion?

how much real?

my memories like dust

settle upon my social interactions

making all relationships dark

hazy as a sepulchre

and then i saw her

back again with smiles and little wiles

silence and sweetness

once thought long dead

we took a drive

and she explained her troubles

and i mine

we are never happy

we are forever alone

to be malcontent is human nature

to be satisfied is ugly and perhaps gluttonous

i looked at her and i felt i looked at a ghost

her hair in the breeze awakened lust

but nothing else

how many come to me only for comfort or escape?

have i nothing better to do than rescue little girls from themselves?

possessed and possession

depressed and depression

if i am on the road i long for a place to call home

if i am still i long to be moving

desire and aversion

see and saw


for just a moment it was there

the trees blurred by the windows

and i told her

nothing in this world will ever make me happy

you cant mean that she said


and again i look deeper into this ravine

old habits rot like stinking corpses

i drink beer because i dont know what else to do

this is somewhat sad

what weakness causes one to react?

why is stillness so oppresive?

in this these days

it seems to be me

doing something for something elses sake

doing nothing for the sake of something

and seeking something for the sake of nothing


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