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On Talent and the Savior Concept by Jesse Printer Friendly

I don't think I know what you mean

I haven't said a thing

I mean to me

Well that's where we differ.

I don't want to talk anymore. Every word betrays.

Every word turns its back

on all the things I say.

I kiss away all the thoughts that ravage you

caresses sweep the days cares from your form

I breathe your mouth in

Your worry gets my lungs

Your anxiety wears my skin

I turn my mind upside down to empty out your terror, but I'll fall forever back on my heels.

I step back in time to catch myself

I step backward

just in time to see myself fall

I always thought I fell for you, but that's just me

That, I see, that's me

It was ever only me

falling rapidly toward myself and never reaching

flailing, never reaching

and like a dream

it's only the fall that feels real.


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