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CHALLENNNGE *Recovered, still valid* by Jesse Printer Friendly

The Challenge below was recovered after the crash... but the sentiment that spurred it is alive and well, a la Crash.

If anyone has a challenge topic of their own, feel free to add on.


So, a little freaked out by the calamitous realization that this place could, in fact, go away... I drifted into a reverie and came out of it with a fond memory of a challenge I issued once upon a time in the Strangelands to write 50 word stories, and all the greatness that came out of that. I, personally, like writing this way. So. If anyone is interested. I challenge you to...

... write a complete story about any singular event that occupies a span of time less than 5 seconds.

... produce a persuasive argument for or against the continuance of some basal instinct or drive of the human animal.

... write a cute poem on a subject to which you feel diametrically opposed.

... whatever comes to mind from the phrase "villainous protagonist with a twist." Go.


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