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Not all is lost! by Rocky - Printer Friendly

Ray, I feel for you for the loss of a lot of the content we had here on Strangelands. But not quite everything is lost. I mean, mostly everything is, but you can at least have a sneak peak back in time throuhg the Wayback Machine!

See here: http://web.archive.org/web/20140104175639/http://thestrangelands.com/

Unfortunately only the 1-2 top levels are archived so full stories are not visible. Titles and the first couple of sentences are. Especially if you check back some of the earlier archives from 2013, you can find some full stories there as well. Haven't looked at 2012.

But I hope there's something there to help bring back the memories. If you wish, I can start re-uploading some of my stuff from time to time.


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