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Welcome Back by Ray Printer Friendly

In case you haven't heard, we lost the last few years of The Strangelands.

One of the first things Trey told me when I first started writing stuff on this site was, "Save your stuff on your own computer--that way, if it ever crashes, you'll still have all your writing."

And for years, I did. I had my folders nicely organized by what had been added, what I had written that hadn't been uploaded (because back then, I wrote so much that sometimes I had to hold off posting everything at once). I had it organized into years, and months.

Eventually, I stopped doing that. I don't really know why. Maybe it was because I had faith that everything would be fine, or maybe it's because I just stopped caring to save the limited amounts of babbling I was posting.

Once I moved to Canadian, it seemed like there just wasn't as much to say--I wasn't doing much worth writing about, and when I did want to write, it seemed like the words didn't want anything to do with me.

Every month, I'd start a new issue, I'd make excuses, and maybe--on a good month--I'd post a short story or a rant. Some months, others would contribute--Jesse and Rocky and Charlie.

But for me, it's not like I lost all that much when the last three years got lost. I saved all my short stories; my rants weren't worth saving.

When The Strangelands went down a couple weeks ago, it shook me a bit. It's hard to describe how important this website is to me--although I did write a (now lost) post about it a couple of months ago.

It's the first bookmark I enter when I get a new computer, or even a new phone. Even if I'm not posting often, I'm checking it nearly daily. It's like home, and it's like hanging out with an old friend that I never get to see, rolled into one.

So when it came back online after a brief break, I decided that I was going to step up my game. I made myself a promise that I would start posting regularly again. And you know what? I actually was beginning to post again.

I wrote a very insightful think piece about how my neighbor's dogs are assholes, for example. I also wrote about how I was going to begin a a segment called Kicking and Streaming, in which I reviewed streaming movies on Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu.

So, yeah, not my greatest work, but it was something.

And now that we're back online, I'm going to keep with it.

Because even though The Strangelands is just a tiny, unimportant piece of the internet, it's a big deal to me.

Posted under The Rants on 11/11/14

Entered By Derrick From Amarillo
2014-11-12 00:42:41

Holy Shit, was afraid that I might never read any FOTM quotes ever again. Glad to see that this part of the internet is still here, though.

Entered By Natalie From Canadian, TX
2014-11-16 18:23:50

Please keep posting! Some of us really enjoy reading your rants and never want the strangelands to go away!

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