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Just Another Day At The Ditches by Ray Printer Friendly

I'm just another dirty foot shoved into a clean sock, you got no idea how loud I want to scream. Words or not, rage erupting in noise, solving nothing, nothing at all.

Stop caring, stop being concerned, stop remembering! I want to yell it at everyone.

Decayed paper crumbling into dust so fine that it might as well have never existed, let me be forgotten words and ramblings and lost everything.

Wipe clean the slate, it's so beautiful without the remnants of feigned intelligence and forced complacency. There's no need to understand, no need to care.

Blurred words, heard slurred, I want dinosaurs to try to reclaim the earth so that we'd all have real shit to worry about. Oil spills and wars and earthquakes aren't enough. People dying, tragedy all over, it's not enough.

Bring me the battle, so I might forget everything that makes me a person--make me a species so that I can rest easy without individuality. Fighting for survival isn't enough, because survival was never my goal. I need to fight for salvation, but not my own.

Mud-covered and hated, dropping self-respect as you watch the piss hit your shoe, a broken heart is nothing compared to true horror, even if it's the thing you fear most.

Blood bubbling too slow to be efficient, just another Band-Aid, instead of the next level of knowledge. A sigh, not sure what the noise means, disappointment or relief. Either way, the night's done.

And we've all made it through another day, apparently.

Entered By Tracie From Unknown
2011-04-20 19:18:54

You are a closet Gladiator...I can feel it!

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