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The Desktop by STRANGE GIRL Printer Friendly

Ahhhhh...The sweet sound of my fingers tapping the black buttons. What a joy, What a thrill. The world of my imagination, at my fingertips. My joy, my sorrow, my anger, my love, my hate. Seeping out of my brilliant mind to yours.

What will I write about today? Does the dark, cloudy day have an effect on my story? Or do I allow my childhod memories to seep into the words of my writing? What will I write? What can I write? Who will read it? What will they think? Will I have an effect on the minds of the people of The Strangelands??

Who knows? Who Cares? Do you?

The Desktop. That joyous sound of an individual clicking and tapping away. Writing about the experience and wonder of it all. For a brief moment in time one feels as though they are writing a prized novel. As I sit and click and tap, I wonder is there a connection, from MY Desktop....To Yours...HAPPY CLICKING!!


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