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The Mountain Kings by Tracie Skarbo Printer Friendly

Mexico’s flag is befitting

The latest wars

Green, white and red

Painted with

Mary-jane’s haze

Powered snow

And the blood of innocents

With every toke taken

Every line hit

Another body drops

Whether it is their side

Or ours

Death plays no favorites

While the Devils are dancing

With crazed glee in their eyes

Be it a stone throne

In deep green mountains

Or white mansions

Encased in arms of steel

The brothers deny knowledge

Of any suffering

They turn blind eyes

To the Stew Maker

And his 300

It is only a number

To be forgotten

A nightmare to stick

In the throats of face-less others

Those responsible for Truth and tales

Will have been distracted

By the latest night

Of blue and red refraction

And except for those

Who live it daily

The world moves on…


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