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Another Rejected Business School Application by Ray Printer Friendly

Smile. Smile, motherfucker, and act like you don't know about the hammer behind my back, act like you don't hear my footsteps speeding up behind you. I don't have time for subtle, that's not how the moon's rolling tonight.

It's not about you, I promise, and I apologize. But the blade won't cut deep enough anymore, the blood won't flow. It's a Band-Aid curse and peroxide dream, I'll always wake up tomorrow, and someone has to pay. It might as well be you.

I want to taste your laugh as I make you believe in humanity again, and I want to taste your tears as you lose faith in yourself. Your nightmares smell like the ash from the end of existence, and I can't help but love you for it. I see the flame in your eyes, of the world burning down, and I want to dance in your mind.

To mosquitoes, bug-zappers are the ultimate form of auto-eroticism, they fuck the light to death, and if you think anything different, you've never had the right kind of passion.

Twelve kinds of twisted, but I never get sideways; the trail is crooked, but the path is straight. Straight down. Worry is worthless, pride is pointless, and the only way to win is to rip apart the scorecard.

I refuse to fight any battle I won't lose, and I'll never stop laughing.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Entered By Anonymous From East
2011-03-31 00:27:12

Hate-Love-Anger-Resentment-Devotion... the most crooked of trails. Aching disappointment in relationships once believed as sacrosant, unbreakable, undeniable, immortal even. Scorecards? Fools who believe if they keep them they win.

Entered By Tracie From Unknown
2011-04-01 07:22:49

I want to taste your laugh as I make you believe in humanity again~~~ This line is brilliant!

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