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Excuses, Excuses. by Ray Printer Friendly

So you might have noticed that this issue is a little late. And maybe how you noticed that last month, even though it was our birthday month, there was a relatively small amount of posting going on.

The reason for this is that I recently moved. Living quarters, I mean, not just movement in general. I'm a fat guy, but I can still manage to move around and hang on to enough energy to type at the end of the day. Most days.

Anyway, so, yeah, I moved. We thought we had a month to get everything packed, moved, and get the old place cleaned. The apartment manager told us that if we got out by the end of February, they would let us out of the lease early, saving us a pretty nice chunk of cash.

Which meant that instead of a month, we had about a week to get everything out. It has also taken some time to get the internet hooked back up, and all the other crap that comes along with moving.

So yeah, that's why. Not because I'm a lazy drunk who spends the majority of his time trying to remember his name. No, really. Shut up.

Anyway, so I'm still moving, and trying to get all my crap in order, so I'm sure I'll be pretty flaky about posting this month, too. The good news is, you can follow us on Twitter or Tumblr, where I'll be posting news on updates. That way, you don't have to keep coming back to check and finding an empty page. You'll just have to check your social media sites, which are already entertaining.

I'll try my best to post more, but I promise nothing. Thanks for sticking around, kids, and hope to see you soon.


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