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Happy Birthday by Trey Printer Friendly

Happy Birthday Strangelands, you crusty old bag!

Iíve broke out the rot gut whiskey and cheap cigarettes to celebrate seven long years of rants and rents, drunken ramblings, bad poetry, plenty of zombies, and even the occasional piece of damn fine fiction. And friend, Iím glad youíre here with me to celebrate.

The memory is dusty. Maybe itís the aching liver and whiskey scarred mind, or maybe itís just all that life in between, but itís fuzzy that far back

Thereís cloudy memories of a creaky crooked New York apartment furnished with camp chairs and whiskey bottles. Two drunken friends, small town Texas transplants in a bad zipcode, chain smoking late into the night wishing there was some way for reprobates like themselves to come together and howl at the moon.

At the time, Blogs were either in their infancy or right around the corner. Regardless, weíd never heard of the filthy things. So as drunks like to do, we hatched a bold plan to open up the Internet to anyone wanting to howl at the moon along with us. Strangely, as drunks seldom do, we actually accomplished our goal.

We wanted our site to be two things. Easy to use and open to whoever wanted to write something. Not much other thought went into it. A cheap webhost, some dirty PHP code by yours truly, and, in Febuary 2004, TheStrangelands.com was born.

We werenít sure whether it would be huge, with 100s of people posting their own insanities for the world to see, or whether it would just be the two of us screaming into the darkness. In the end, itís been a bit of both.

Like life, weíve had friends come and had friends go and then had some of those friends come back again. If you dig through the archives you will find posts by a couple of dozen people, and weíre thankful for every one. Of course, the lionís share of content is Ray. I panicked and hid years ago when readers began to show up, but Ray faces that blank page with a bravery and honesty that is truly inspiring. On his best days, Iíll put Ray up against anybody out there.

Itís been a long and curvy road, and after seven years, what I really want to say is, Thank You. Thank you Ray for still churning out the best borderline unknown fiction on the web, and thank you Strangelanders. We wouldnít still be here if you werenít still reading.

The site isnít as easy to use as we wish, and if I wasnít such a lazy ass Iíd try to improve it, but TheStrangelands really is open to whoever wants to ramble into itís darkness. All you need to do is Login and let it rip. Cheap whiskey and cigarettes are always optional.

As for me, Iím raising my glass in a toast to the next seven years of howling here at my home away from home. TheStrangelands.com

Entered By Ray From Austin
2011-03-03 06:54:26

And thank you for giving me a playground, you drunk, beautiful son of a bitch.

Entered By Tracie From Unknown
2011-04-03 02:29:52

You have quite the collection here.. I am so glad to have found this site! I am savoring the entries like my chocolate, in little portions here and there, and although you two like your whiskey, this girl is going not going to trade in her Richard Pastis...:)

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