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New Month, Same Old Resentment by Ray Printer Friendly

Itís a new month again, in case you havenít noticed. Iím sure there are all kinds of amazing things going on around behind the scenes of The Strangelands, but I have no idea what they are.

What I know is that Iím pretty pumped up about it. At work, I get more derogatory remarks than ever about this site, which means that someone is actually reading the stuff. Anyone who tells me that Iím doing a good job, I know they arenít reading it, you know? I had a guy come up to me the other day, he said he had checked out my website. I asked him what he thought of it, and he just shook his head. ďYouíre a real dick,Ē he said. ďThanks for reading,Ē I told him.

For this month, I donít really have a game plan. Portly Boyís back with us, and thatís always super-exciting. And weíve still got the Two Heartbeats gig, I guess Iíll pick that ball up again. Weíll see about the Summer Job story, though. Considering dumping it before we all get a little too involved, you know? Other than that, Iím sure Iíll have plenty of rants, and Iíll probably talk a little smack to Hyde, whether she posts anything or not.

Actually, I should get on that right now, while Iím thinking about it. HEY, HYDE! UmÖHOWíS YOUR PUPPY? I guess I should put a little more thought into my smack-talking. Iíll be sure to do that. THAT WAS ONLY A WARM-UP, CAREY!

Okay, so I guess Iím done with this little introduction to the month.


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