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Size Issues by Ray Printer Friendly

What's goin' on, kids? Just chillin'? Good, that's good.

So I'm sort of dealing with some sort of monitor agoraphobia right now. My desktop computer got some sort of wicked virus around the second of November, and after messing with it a for a few hours, I decided that it was going to take more time than I had to invest.

I was doing that Novel Writing thing, and didn't think I could manage my daily word count as well as work on a computer. Luckily, I had a netbook, and was able to type my novel, as opposed to writing it longhand in a series of comp books.

Anyway, I finally got it fixed, and have spent the last couple days re-installing programs and getting everything set up. And tonight is the first night I have everything pretty much up and running. It's weird, because the keyboard I'm currently typing on is larger than the entire computer I've been using for the last month and a half.

The monitor I'm looking at is about three times the size of the one I'm used to looking at. Which doesn't seem like much of a difference, but it is. Think about the monitor you're using to read this, and then imagine two more on either side. See how that makes quite a difference?

It's weird to be back on my regular computer. Do you remember the first time you played Super Mario Brothers 3? And you hit the world of the giants? Everything was so huge, and it blew my mind. Like, you still killed goombas with one jump, but they were so big. And coins were the size of Mario. And even though it was awesome, it was still more than a little disorienting.

That's how it is being back on my full-size rig. It's weird, having to reach for a mouse instead of just clicking the little keypad that's a quarter of an inch below the space bar. It's weird to have my finger catch on the period key (a long time ago, I dropped a monitor on my keyboard, and the back bracket ganked up the period/right-bracket key so that if you're not careful, it will slice your finger open). It's weird being able to see the words I type without having to lean in close.

I love my netbook, by the way. It's a little Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t, and it rocks a large amount of balls.

It's not great for things like watching videos or playing games, but if you want to listen to music and write your ass off, it's perfect. It's about the size of a text book, and probably a pound or two lighter. I installed Open Office for writing, and Foobar2000 for music. Foobar's a light-weight program that will allow you to do all kinds of stuff, including sync up your ipad. I love it, and recommend it to anyone who's sick of dealing with the bullshit of itunes or windows media player.

I've heard complaints about Open Office--not many, but a couple--but I haven't had a problem with it at all. I just write, though--nothing fancy like adding pictures or formatting or whatever. For a word processing program, it works like gangbusters, so I recommend it, too.

Anyway, I guess that's it. I'm over my screen size worries, and ready to take the entire 22 inches my monitor wants to give me.

Entered By Me From Frozen Tundra
2010-12-15 05:25:21

Dang you -- anything I typed in to comment on this, made me sound very unladylike so I'll just say -- as a bonus Open Office will convert to pdf :)

Entered By Ray From Austin
2010-12-15 13:30:02

Hahahaha! I imagine it must be very hard to be ladylike around here.

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