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Dear Santa by K Printer Friendly

Dear Santa,

Yeah I know -- I haven't been on your radar for a few years. I think Malibu Barbie was the last thing we corresponded about and well, frankly, since I ended up chopping of her hair sometime around the following Valentine's Day I figured you might not be in the mood to take any more requests for me.

Eventually I did grow up and well, I am sure you know how it goes -- people just lose touch and move on to different stages of their lives. I am certain you know exactly what I mean; and you must lose touch with so many of us every year.

It's been awhile since you've heard from me, but I'm not writing to ask you for anything for myself.

I am writing to you on behalf of a little boy.

I am certain if you check, he's on your good list. You might even recall meeting him at the local mall two weeks ago. He was the mop-haired boy with glasses that sat on the tip of his nose. He asked you for a toy cat and told you how nice your red suit looked, as he thanked you for the candy cane.

I know you won't forget to bring him his toy cat, but I'm hoping you'll overlook my past transgressions to help give this child what he truly needs.

He's spent his short life being a joy to every one who has come in contact with him. He loves Diego and and is on a first name with SpongeBob Square Pants. He has a laugh that fills a room and a soul that is older and wiser than time. He has touched the heart of many.

On Christmas Eve, you'll find him sound asleep in his room. He's decorated it with handmade snowflakes and paper chains of red and green just for your arrival. Be careful not to fall over the box of legos that sits on the other side of his door.

My wish for him is a simple one, and it is for him to know that despite everything in his world that may turn upside down - that he is loved. You and I both know that there isn't a gift in any store that can take the place of feeling as if you matter, as if you really truly belong.

I'm just a mere mortal here, Santa, doing the best I can, but this year I think I'm going to need a little magic on my side to pull this off. So if you can, when you peek in on him a few short days from now, could you please kiss him on the forehead for me, pull the blanket up to his chin and with that time tested magic and wonder that is you, surround him with a impenetrable wall of love that will buoy him in the times ahead where its needed the most.

Yes, of course - I'll leave out the courtesy cookies and milk...

Oh, and Santa --


Entered By June From Unknown
2010-12-07 03:16:22

I think Santa will certainly do all he can do, and I have other sources that I call on when I need help, so I'll put in a request there, too.

Entered By K From Unknown
2010-12-07 05:49:06

Thank you June. Then can never be too many watching over him...

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