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Sanctuary Book Project by Ray Printer Friendly

You guys know how every year around this time, I start talking about how I'm working on a book? Usually, it's right about the end of the month, because I always lose track of time and forget to work on it until the last minute.

Well, I've got some good news and some bad news--the good news is that you probably won't have to deal with that this year. The bad news is, it's because I'm more than likely not going to have time to put a book together before Christmas this year.

But wait! More good news? Yep, more good news. I just finished working on a project with several of my writer friends (a.k.a. people I don't really know, but who read the crap I write, and who offer me things to read, as well), and it's pretty awesome.

Here's how it happened: A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there was a writing website called thisisby.us. It was all right, although a little to social for my liking. I signed up, hoping to make a little money, or at least some helpful criticism about my writing. I didn't make any money (although my balance did reach $14.44 at one point), but I did make some pretty cool friends.

One of these friends was Kim--some Canadian lady who is so sweet and optimistic you'll puke. And then, when you puke, she'll helpfully offer up a bright side to the entire experience.

Don't ask me how, but we ended up getting along pretty well--well enough so that when the website closed down, I still kept in touch with her.

She did these writing challenges, both on the old website, as well as when most of us moved over to Facebook. Yes, I have a Facebook account, but it's only to keep up with my rowdy writer friends, and I don't use my real name. The writing challenges were pretty self-explanatory: she'd give us a few prompts, and we'd write. Sounds simple, but we all appreciated how hard she worked at keeping us together.

Flash forward to...I don't know, to some other point in time. I'm not good with memory, sue me. Anyway, I remember reading something she'd written about her hearing aid breaking. It seems like this would have been last year around this time, because I think I had just finished up assembling Degenerates.

"Why don't we gather up all the writing challenges and throw them in a book?" I asked her. "The stuff's already written, it'd be easy enough to get permission to use them, and put them together. You won't make much money, but anything helps, right?"

So, yeah, that was about a year ago. Getting everything rounded up was quite a bit more difficult than I had figured. Getting everything rounded up and then put together was basically a nightmare. Plus, I decided to be all clever and use InDesign, instead of going with Microsoft Word, which was the only program I'd used to do this, up to that point.

InDesign was about a million times better than Word for this project, but I still had to familiarize myself with it, which took time.

Point is, I finally got it together, and we put it up for sale last month. And now you can buy it, and help an incredibly nice woman get one step closer to getting a hearing aid.

Honestly, I don't think Kim has gone without being able to hear for all this time--I don't know what she'll do with any cash we make from this project--but I'm sticking with that story, because that's how it originally started out, and it seems like it would be easier to guilt you into making a purchase that way.

The book is called Sanctuary, and it's pretty badass.


It's a collection of poetry, prose, and short stories, and it is written by some pretty amazing authors. And I'm not just talking about myself (although I do have quite a bit of content included). It doesn't stick to any one theme, so anyone who likes to read will probably find something to enjoy.

I wrote a few new pieces that will be exclusive to this book, and I also included a couple of other stories that I've posted here on The Strangelands.

So if you're looking for something good to read, or if you're looking to get some Christmas shopping out of the way, you might as well buy this. It's 384 pages of kick-ass, and if you don't buy it, you're missing out. So there.

Here's the link again.

Posted under The News on 11/06/10


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