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First-Of-The-Month Quotes: No Time For Apologies by Ray Printer Friendly

No time for excuses, kids--I got shit to do. Here are your FOTM Quotes.


"Being happy is entirely fucking pointless. You think mankind needs to be happy? Bullshit."


"I'm so bummed about the tuna."


"Come get cancer with me."


"I'm on no list. I'm a phantom. I'm a ninja monocle baby."


"Silly hookers, tricks are...well, I guess they're for you."


"That baby deserves drugs just like the rest of us."


"I'm a fucking antelope! I walk in swarms!"


"I can think of nothing--with the exception of cocaine--that is funner than hanging out with my kids."

Posted under First-Of-The-Month_Quotes on 11/03/10


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