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I Wrote This During Lunch by Ray Printer Friendly

Hey kids, welcome to October. This is one of the few months that I enjoy, mostly because it means I get to go home and visit my friends and family.

Also, because girls dress up all slutty for Halloween. I like that part, too.

To me, October is when the holiday season begins. I get to take a little vacation, there's all sorts of candy, and the weather stops acting like it leaked up straight from Hell.

So, yeah, I'm usually in a pretty good mood about October. Don't get me wrong--life will come take a shit all over everything, regardless of what month it is. But I tend to feel a little more optimistic about the whole thing.

Anyway, I'll be heading up to my hometown at the end of the month, but before that, maybe I'll be able to get some quality stuff posted. Or, if not quality (because who are we kidding), at least the same crap I usually put up.

I've got a couple of short stories in the works, so there's a slight chance that I'll actually finish them. I'm going to try to keep my stories scary-themed this month, you know, because of Halloween and all. Scary like monsters, I mean, not scary like people trying to love each other, and all that other shit I've been writing about recently.

So that's my plan for this month, or as close to a plan as I'm willing to get.

I'm guessing there will be the usual rants and drunken ramblings and all of that, too.

Glad you're here, kids. Happy October.


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