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Yesterday by Ray Printer Friendly

I found this on my computer tonight. I have no idea when I wrote it, but since I haven't posted anything for a while, I figured I might as well dump it here.

Yesterday, I started the day out by knocking back an Americano with an extra shot of espresso. "You know there are three in there, already, right?" the lady asked.


"So that would be...four."

"Is that...can we do that?" I'm not a big experimenter when it comes to coffee--I generally just get whatever they've got brewed--but Trey told me last summer about the Americano, and made a comment about how I could get an extra shot to maximize my voltage. I promptly forgot about it, but for some reason, it bounced back to the front of my head yesterday.

"Four? Yeah, we can do it, I just wanted to double check."

"Let's do it, then," I told her. "Can I get a bagel, too?"

"You want a bagel?" There's a laugh behind her voice, like she finds my bumbling hilarious, but can't decide if I'd get offended if she laughs. Or maybe it's just nervous laughter because she's pretty sure four shots of espresso will give me a heart attack.


"What kind?"

"I don't care. Just, like, a bagel."

"You want plain?"


"We have blueberry, too." By this time, she's laughing openly at me. It really is obvious that I don't go to real coffee shops very often, and coffee shops with drive-thrus even less.

"Hell yeah, set it up."

"We also have garlic."

"Grody. Do the other one, the blueberry one."

"You want cream cheese?"

"You know I do."

"Yeah, I do! Is that it?"


"All right, pull up to the window, I'll meet you there."

"You'll have my coffee?"

"And your bagel."


The bagel sucked, the coffee was pretty good, and the service was excellent. That's one thing I love about Austin, man, is that when you find a spot that isn't packed with dirtbag hippies or pretentious hipster assholes or stoned-to-fuck musician-wannabes, it's a pretty cool place. In all fairness, sometimes, the musician-wannabes are a pretty good time, too.

Point being, that's what I started my day with, yesterday. Today, I'm trying to hold it together with a single cup of tea I brewed in my kitchen before I rushed out of the house. It isn't going well.


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